I had always been taught 0–9 to lớn represent values zero khổng lồ nine, & A, B, C, D, E, F for 10-15.

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I see this format 0x00000000 and it doesn"t fit inlớn the pattern of hexadecimal. Is there a guide or a tutor somewhere that can explain it?

I googled for hexadecimal but I can"t find any explanation of it.

So my 2nd question is, is there a name for the 0x00000000 format?


The 0x is just a prefix (used in C & many other programming languages) to lớn mean that the following number is in base 16.

Other notations that have been used for hex include:



Yes, it is hexadecimal.

Otherwise, you can"t represent A, for example. The compiler for C and Java will treat it as variable identifier. The added prefix 0x tells the compiler it"s hexadecimal number, so:

int ten_i = 10;int ten_h = 0xA;ten_i == ten_h; // this boolean expression is trueThe leading zeroes indicate the size: 0x0080 hints the number will be stored in two bytes; and 0x00000080 represents four bytes. Such notation is often used for flags: if a certain bit is mix, that feature is enabled.

P.S. As an off-topic note: if the number starts with 0, then it"s interpreted as octal number, for example 010 == 8. Here 0 is also a prefix.


Everything after the x are hex digits (the 0x is just a prefix khổng lồ designate hex), representing 32 bits (if you were lớn put 0xFFFFFFFF in binary, it would be 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111 1111).


hexadecimal digits are often prefaced with 0x to indicate they are hexadecimal digits. In this case, there are 8 digits, each representing 4 bits, so that is 32 bits or a word. I"m guessing you saw this in an error, & it is a memory address. this value means null, as the hex value is 0.

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