About Program

CSV to lớn vCard is a miễn phí contacts file converter, it can convert contacts files in CSV format lớn vCard files. The usage is simple, cliông chồng the button "Browse" khổng lồ select a contacts tệp tin (*.csv), program will read all contacts fields và data, then you need set vCard property for each CSV field. After you have set all fields that you need, cliông chồng the button "Convert" lớn generate a vCard tệp tin, the output file extension is *.vcf or *.vcard, default tệp tin extension is *.vcf, so you can think of this program as a csv to lớn vcf file converter.

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Additionally, if all fields in your contacts CSV tệp tin are in English, program can auto-fill correct vCard properties, such as First Name, Last Name, Job Title and more. Also, for some common fields, program can automatically map it to corresponding vCard properties (synonyms words), such as Family Name lớn Last Name, Occupation to lớn Job Title, Web Page to Website, and more.

Please note that not all contacts fields are supported, currently, program supports the most important fields. Furthermore, the generated tệp tin is in vCard version 3.0 (RFC 2425) format.

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Freeware, không tính phí for non-commercial và personal use;Support Windows 8/7/Vista/XPhường. (.NET Framework Required);



Supported vCard Properties

Name (Full Name)TitleFirst NameMiddle NameLast Name (Family Name)SuffixNicknameBirthdayGenderCompanyDepartmentJob TitleBusiness PhoneBusiness FaxMobile PhoneEmailBusiness Address (Street, City, State, Postal Code, Country/Region)WebsitePersonal Websitetrang chủ Phonetrang chủ Faxtrang chủ Address (Street, City, State, Postal Code, Country/Region)

CSV Format and vCard Format

The CSV (comma-separated values) format is a comtháng tệp tin type used in transferring data, many Internet mails and Thư điện tử clients can export contacts (address book) to lớn a CSV file. The vCard is an electronic business thẻ, it is used as a variety of applications và di động devices, by using vCard tệp tin, contacts information can be exported và imported. This software is bridge to lớn transfer your CSV contacts file to vCard files, just a few clicks of the mouse, it can help you to lớn complete the conversion.