Viva Video for PC is one of the most popular free đoạn phim editing app and slideshow maker that enables users khổng lồ create their own video clip stories on Android devices. Viva Video is available on Google Play Store for Android users only. But you can now also enjoy same great video clip editing experience on PC desktop/laptop. Download Viva Video for PC on your Windows 10/7/8/8.1/XP/Vista & MAC computer for miễn phí. Viva Video for Windows PC or Mac is not officially available but you can still get it for your desktop/laptop using a third-buổi tiệc nhỏ application by following the steps mentioned below in this guide.

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With Viva Video for PC Windows & MAC you can edit videos using fast editing tools & on a user-friendly interface. Viva Video is one of the most downloaded apps on Android platsize with over 100 million active sầu users. Because of this popularity, Viva Video is ranked aước ao the best đoạn phim editing applications on Google Play Store. Download Viva Video on PC và use it lớn create & edit your daily video clip stories. Share you đoạn phim stories with friends và family.

The tiện ích has received its biggest update recently in terms of UI and new features that has increased its popularity even more just like when Prisma tiện ích was launched a few months ago. Viva Video has all the features that make similar apps lượt thích Xender for PC the preferred choice of millions around the globe. But in Viva Video you get some more quality feature not available in other similar apps.

Android smartphone users can tải về điện thoại version of Viva Video from Google Play Store. But lớn get the better Clip editing results, keep on reading this guide to learn how to lớn get Viva Video for Computer. In this guide below, we are going khổng lồ walk you through the process of tải về & install as well as how khổng lồ use Viva Video for Windows 10/7/8/8.1/XP/Vista & MAC.

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What makes Viva Video the number one video editing software on thiết bị di động devices is its easy to use options that anyone can quickly master to lớn start editing videos lượt thích professionals. You don’t need to lớn own Samsung, Lenovo, Sony, Điện thoại HTC, OnePlus, Xiaomi, or other Android devices lớn be able to use great đoạn phim editing features of Viva Video because now you can use it for không tính phí on desktop computer and máy tính using a không lấy phí third-tiệc nhỏ tool as shown in the tutorial below. Also, see our instructions on how to use Video Video on PC.

Main Features of Viva Video for PC:

The great không lấy phí Clip editing tiện ích for computer is packed with interesting features. Here are some of the main features of the app:

Creative sầu Lenses: By using this feature you can select several capturing option lượt thích, Basic, Selfie, FX và many more. In every mode again you can find several lenses.Photo lớn Slideshow Maker: With the help of this feature one can make wonderful slideshows.Video Collage Maker: This allows you lớn merge best memorable picks into a pretty cool template.Video Editor: In this professional editing tools you can merge your video clip highlights và add texts, sounds, effects, filters & many more to create a wonderful video or short film.Free Materials: Through this menu you can tải về and add more than two hundred special effects such as, filters, themes, animated stickers etc.Share: when you done with the editing, tóm tắt your Clip story with your social truyền thông media friends.

Viva Video For PC Windows và MAC Desktop / Laptop

With Viva Video for PC, you can add stickers, filers, sound & Clip effects, and more into lớn your Clip to make them look even better. Also download Mobdro for PC for miễn phí movies, TV shows và documentaries.

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Now let’s see how to download and install this popular video clip editing tool on computer. Although the app is available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store for Android và iOS devices, but if you like editing videos on PC for better clarity và end-results then keep on reading to learn how lớn tải về, install và use Viva Video on Desktop PC/máy vi tính to lớn create your own đoạn phim story và giới thiệu it with friends.

Download Viva Video for PC Desktop / Laptop – Windows & MAC

First of all, it’s important khổng lồ note that Viva Video is not officially available on Windows và MAC platsize. But you can use Android version on computer using a BlueStacks Android emulator tool that runs Android apps on desktop/máy tính without any error or bugs. BlueStacks turns your computer inlớn the virtual Android device so that you can use Viva Video on Windows/MAC computer just lượt thích on a mobile device for best results.


Since there is no direct way of downloading Viva Video on Computer, you will have to lớn use an Android tiện ích player such as BlueStacks 2 Offline Installer, BlueStacks 2, Rephối OS, Andy, Nox App Player, và other similar tools khổng lồ tải về và use the app on computer as shown below. For this guide, we are going lớn use BlueStacks for PC. If you like rooted Android apps, then tải về Rooted BlueStacks to play rooted Andorid apps on computer.

You can use any Android emulator tool you lượt thích, steps for downloading and installing Viva Video tiện ích are more or less similar on all Android phầm mềm players, but for this guide we are going lớn use BlueStacks because it’s easy khổng lồ use và has the largest library of Android apps.

How To Install Viva Video On PC Windows 10/8/8.1/7/XP/Vista & MAC

1 – First, you need to lớn have sầu a working version of latest Bluestacks emulator tool installed & running on your Windows PC or MAC & follow the instructions in the link lớn phối up Bluestacks on computer.

2 – There are two ways to lớn install Viva Video on computer. First is by downloading it directly from built-in Bluestacks App Store & the other method is to Download Viva Video APK and use the Ađánh nhau file lớn install it on Bluestacks.

3 – Search Viva Video in Bluestacks và install it. Otherwise, right-clichồng on the downloaded Viva Video Achiến tranh and select ‘xuất hiện with Bluestacks APK Installer’ lớn directly install the phầm mềm on Bluestacks.


4 – Wait for the phầm mềm lớn install after which you can access it from the main tab/thực đơn on Bluestacks. mở cửa Viva Video on Bluestacks and follow on-screen thiết đặt instructions khổng lồ start using it on PC.

5 – All done.

When you open the ứng dụng, a mix of different thực đơn will be shown on the main ứng dụng interface such as Capture, Pholớn Movie, Edit, Collage, Studio và Material and others. Simply clichồng on the camera or any other menu according to your requirement. In camera mode, you can use modes like Selfie FX, Music Video, Collage, Funny, or others và use them to record your videos. You can also use in-tiện ích stickers, filters, frames, themes, và more to add fun in your videos.

Once you have sầu recorded the video clip, use the edit function from the main phầm mềm interface, select recorded Clip and use amazing editing tools of the app khổng lồ create interesting videos. There is also an option to lớn add music files in your videos. Other features include adding filters, frames, stickers & more. You can also download different themes, FX effects, transition material from the main menu. When done, you can chia sẻ videos on social networks.

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We hope you liked this extensive tutorial to Download Viva Video for PC Windows 7/10/8/8.1/XP/Vista và MAC và found everything you needed khổng lồ know about viva Clip for Windows PC và MAC. For further queries, tương tác via comments section below.