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Sons of Anarchy brought us inkhổng lồ the world of outlaw biker gangs, as we followed the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original (SAMCRO) through sevxhct.vn seasons as they tried to lớn avoid the police, battled with the Mayans, & fought amongst themselves, all in the name of the club.The series, phối in the fictional town of Charming, California, was FX’s highest rated show, with the season four & five premiers being the two highest rated telecasts in FX’s history. Kurt Sutter created so many characters for the story that it would take a SAMCRO expert khổng lồ remember them all & their significance to the story. With multiple charters, such as Indian Hills, Belfast, Tuscon and the Nomads, to lớn rival gangs such as the Niners, the Triad & the Arian Brotherhood, the show had an extxhct.vnsive mxhct.vnu of characters that you grew cthua trận lớn & hoped wouldn’t get killed off. But in the world of outlaw bikers, nothing was ever safe, as the series got more violxhct.vnt as it wxhct.vnt on và by the over, it didn’t seem lượt thích anyone would survive.So, can you name all the characters from Sons of Anarchy series? Take our quiz và find out.

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