Windows Movie Maker is a miễn phí video clip editing program that allows users lớn create, edit và tóm tắt videos. As of 2021, however, the tải về source has changed. This website shows you how khổng lồ complete your Windows Movie Maker tải về from an archived source. Windows Movie Maker is a part of the Windows Live Essentials software package, but has been discontinued as of January 2017 và is no longer available for download from the Microsoft trang web. Luckily, we have sầu saved the link khổng lồ the archived files for you, & all you have sầu khổng lồ vày is choose your language and you will be linked khổng lồ the Windows Movie Maker tải về URL.

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Windows Live sầu Essentials 2012

Includes Windows Movie MakerVersion 16.4.3528.331

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Frequently Asked Questions about Windows Movie Maker

Is Windows Movie Maker free?Is Windows Movie Maker any good?Where can I download Windows Movie Maker?How bởi vì I get Windows Movie Maker on Windows 10?Why am I getting error 0x800c0006?

Windows System Requirements for Windows Movie Maker

Operating system 32- or 64-bit version of Windows 7, or 32- or 64-bit version of Windows 8, or 32- or 64-bit version of Windows 10, or Windows Server 2008 R2. Processor 1.6 GHz or higher with SSE2 tư vấn. SSE2 is supported on Pentium 4 processors or newer, and AMD K8 processors or newer. Memory 1 GB of RAM or higher Resolution 1024 × 576 minimum Internet connection Online services require dial-up or high-speed Internet access (provided separately—local or long-distance charges might apply). High-speed Internet access is recommended for some features. Graphics card Windows Movie Maker requires a graphics card that supports DirectX 9.0c or higher và Shader Model 2 or higher. For DirectX 9 hardware on Windows 7, go khổng lồ Windows Update.

Step-by-Step Download và Installation Instructions

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Step 1

Download the tệp tin by clicking on the download liên kết above, & saving it to your hard drive sầu (e.g. Downloads folder)

Step 2

The file is approximately 130 MB and will take several minutes khổng lồ complete.

Step 3

Once downloading is complete, double cliông chồng on the file called "wlsetup-all"

Step 4

You will then see a prompt asking if you would like to lớn allow the file to make changes to lớn your device (i.e. install Windows Moive Maker & other Live sầu Essentials software). Cliông chồng Yes to lớn proceed.

Windows 8 & later: Windows Vista and earlier: Step 5

The installation of Windows Live Essentials will commence.

Step 6

The first option during installation asks whether khổng lồ install Windows Movie Maker only, or all of the Windows Live sầu Essentials software package. This includes software like Messenger, Mail, Writer, OneDrive & the Outlook Connector Paông xã.

If you choose to lớn install Windows Movie Maker only, cliông chồng on "Choose the programs you want to install" and select "Phokhổng lồ Gallery and Movie Maker"

Step 7

Click on "Install" and your installer will install the files into lớn your system.

Step 8

Once your installation is complete, you will see the following screen. Click cthua trận and you can now launch Windows Movie Maker!

That"s it!

Look for the Windows Movie Maker ibé in the start menu và start making movies!

Is this tải về safe? Are there any viruses, malware, adware or spyware?

This tải về is completely safe as it is the unaltered, original installation tệp tin that was released by Microsoft. The tải về button links to archive sầ, which continues to lớn host the original installation tệp tin that was released by Microsoft before it was discontinued. How can you be absolutely sure? After downloading the tệp tin, right cliông chồng on the inhỏ and cliông xã on properties. Go lớn the Digital Signatures tab và you will be able khổng lồ verify that this file is indeed the original tệp tin released by the software publisher (i.e. Microsoft Corporation) và not altered by a third party.

Clichồng into lớn the details tab và you will see additional information confirming that the publisher is indeed Microsoft Corporation. If you find any files that do not show Microsoft as the publisher, DO NOT INSTALL the file as it is not the original.


I had the hardest time finding the original Windows Movie Maker installation files, & even encountered some malicious and scam versions of the software during my tìm kiếm. My hope is that this website continues to lớn provide others with a quick và safe way lớn locate và download the authentic Windows Movie Maker installer files across all languages.

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The download links are 100% genuine and I have absolutely no conflict of interest or incentive in promoting or linking khổng lồ any illegitimate versions of Windows Movie Maker. I vì earn a small amount of advertising commissions from the ads you will see placed on this website, which helps to lớn offphối my web hosting costs, but otherwise this trang web is here only to lớn support video creators & hobbyists.